When asked to rate Type Pro’s training, delegates gave it a score of 94%

Type Pro’s Personality Type Training

Our training is designed to create brilliant Personality Type professionals. Not just people who are adept at using a particular personality assessment tool, but individuals who are brilliant at helping others to achieve their objectives. That’s because applying an understanding of Personality Type can help to overcome a range of organisational and personal challenges.

Next courses start:

25th September 2023

23rd October 2023

8th January 2024

Delivered Online

Unlike other psychometric test training, our programme is delivered online. That means you can complete it at a time, pace and place to suit you. Not only is this more convenient for busy professionals, but it also reduces cost and time out of the office.

Unique Programme Design

Type Pro’s blended learning approach includes:

  • Three interactive online modules that provide you with opportunities to explore and learn about your own Personality Type, as well as to practise Type exploration with others
  • HD demonstration videos, whiteboard animations, interactive exercises and downloadable materials
  • Up to three hours of one-to-one tuition with one of our highly experienced Type experts
  • Three group webinars
  • Practice sessions with expert feedback
  • Access to a designated tutor

Each module involves 8-10 hours of online learning, assignments, webinars and tutorials, and the whole course lasts six weeks. Each week you will have some key goals to complete at a time to suit you.

Collaborate With Other Delegates

You will typically join the course as part of a small cohort of 4-6 people, and you will work and practice together for support and shared learning. Delegates may work for the same organisation, perhaps based in different geographical locations, or they may represent a variety of businesses including their own. Many participants work in HR, perhaps in specific Learning & Development roles, or are independent coaches. That said, we have trained people from many other professions and across a variety of industries. Our Personality Type training is very flexible and can be customised to specific requirements. We have a dedicated course for educational professionals called Type Pro For Education.

Personality Assessment Tools and Psychometric Certification

Our training is not restricted to one personality questionnaire. Not only will you become qualified to use a number of Type instruments, you will gain a greater understanding of the differences between personality assessment tools and how they can complement each other. Type Pro’s training qualifies you to use the following psychology tools:
  • Type Coach Verifier
  • The Type Dynamics Indicator from Team Focus
  • The Personality Type Profile from JCA Global
If you are already qualified to use the MBTI®, Golden Personality Profiler ™ or Insights®, our training will give you a deeper understanding of Personality Type and will hopefully lead to new ways of applying Type theory.

Personality Type Theory – Clearly Explained

We are committed to covering ‘Jungian Type concepts’ in depth, in a programme that is clear and easy to follow. Our course tutors all have at least 15 years’ experience of Personality Type. By training with us, you will gain a deep insight into Personality Type, including:
  • The Type preferences
  • Whole Type patterns
  • The role of the non-preferred functions
  • Stress reactions
  • How Type develops over time
  • The dynamics between different Types
  • The common misunderstandings of each Type
  • The value that each Type can bring to teams and whole organisations
  • Practical applications for teams and individuals

Business Benefits

So how do businesses benefit from Type Pro training?

In one-to-ones and team settings, our delegates are able to use their personality insights to facilitate greater understanding between different Types. Consequently, this leads to greater self-awareness, improved communication and influence, better collaboration and empathy, and a greater chance of reducing or resolving conflict.

In turn, these valuable skills lead to tangible business benefits, whether that’s increased productivity, fewer absences, greater staff retention or swifter decision-making.

Ongoing Support

With Type Pro, our support doesn’t end once you finish the programme. You’ll be invited to join our exclusive network of qualified experts and you’ll retain access to the e-learning for a further six months. If you have any questions during this time, you are welcome to ask us anything. If you would like to discuss your training requirements or enquire about availability on one of our courses, please email enquiries@type-pro.com or complete our booking form.