Testimonials from past delegates about Type Pro’s online personality assessment training:

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Type Pro utilizes industry expert tutors and trainers with deep understanding and experience to provide group and 1:1 coaching, enabling participants to be well prepared to facilitate, train and coach our employees across the globe.
HR professional Valerie Marple
Valerie Marple, Global Learning and Development
Procter and Gamble
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I feel confident to use Type as part of my techniques to help people understand how to improve performance by adapting their approach to suit individual customers.
Business improvement consultant Colin Davies
Colin Davies, Founder
Ridge Consultancy
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The tutors were great; both Angelina and Gareth are very responsive and regularly check in to see how you’re progressing. The videos and animations are extremely well done and walk you through the fundamentals in a methodical, concise manner. Even for a complete beginner, like myself, they are clear and easy to follow. Go for it!
Talent Acquisition Advisor Alyce Perrott
Alyce Perrott
EMEA Talent Acquisition Advisor
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The Type Pro Virtual Certification is a breakthrough in the industry, utilizing a blended learning approach which maximizes learning transfer and global reach. With this approach we are able to increase the capability within our Company seamlessly, without travel and schedule restrictions.
HR Capability Manager Barb Miller
Barb Miller, HR Capability Manager
Procter and Gamble
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I would recommend this course to anyone who is sceptical about the use of Type tools in organisations. It provides a thorough grounding in the original nuances of Type theory and an understanding of how Type can be used in different contexts. Supplementing online video content with facilitated tutorials means you get a chance to really explore and question the theory and use. All of which left me at the end with a confidence to use the tools and, more importantly, with an extra lens through which to view myself and my clients that has most certainly added a richness to my practice.
Occupational Psychologist Tameron Chappell
Tameron Chappell, Occupational Psychologist

More Praise for Type Pro

“Angelina and Gareth are both incredibly knowledgeable and insightful.”
“It’s clearly presented, easy to follow and has great support.”
“I feel able to confidently discuss people’s differing personality types in a coaching environment.”
“The most useful part was learning about the different Types and preferences.”
“Thanks to both Angelina and Gareth for making this course possible. It truly has been a great experience!”