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About Type Pro's Online Personality Type Training

Looking for Personality Type training that fits flexibly with your work schedule? Read on to find out more about Type Pro.

Type Pro is an online qualification programme for anyone who wants to work with Personality Type like a Pro. Armed with this knowledge, you can reap benefits and effect change within your organisation to benefit individuals, teams and leaders.

Our delegates tend to work in HR, Learning & Development (L&D), Coaching or Education, but our training has many applications beyond this.

Using Personality Assessment in Business

Businesses have used personality assessment for many decades. This is partly down to our general fascination with personality – whether ours or other people’s. Yet when it comes to business, it is largely down to the benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of individuals understanding themselves and others better. 

Seeing things from different perspectives can reap benefits such as: 

  • Reduced conflict
  • Improved communication
  • Greater productivity

Personality assessment is conducted using psychometric tests (also known as personality tests or questionnaires). The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is probably the most widely known personality instrument, and there are many others.

For more information on ‘Personality Type’ and ‘Personality Assessment’, read our FAQs

Personality Type Training, Delivered Online

Our training programme blends distance and interactive learning. It is delivered online by experts with at least 15 years’ experience of Personality Type. Because of this unique delivery, you can fit our training around your busy work schedule and complete it at your own pace. Above all, you can access it at work or at home. This reduces cost, travel expenses and time out of the office, yet you can still collaborate with other delegates from across the globe.

Personality Assessment Tools

Our mission is to create brilliant Personality Type professionals. Therefore, our training is not specific to one personality questionnaire.

At the end of our course, you will:

  • Be qualified to use a number of personality instruments
  • Gain a deeper insight into Jungian Type
  • Understand the differences between personality assessments
  • Appreciate how different personality tests can complement each other

Ultimately, you will be ready to apply Personality Type in one-to-one and team sessions for the benefit of your organisation, and yourself.