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At Type Pro, our mission is to create brilliant Personality Type professionals. What sets us apart is how we do it.

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Personality Type is a way of understanding all the different sorts of people in the world. While a great many people have contributed to our knowledge of this area, Carl Jung is perhaps the best known, and you’ll often hear his theory referred to as ‘Jungian Personality Type’. Types such as ‘extraversion’ and ‘introversion’ have become widely used, although through your training you will learn what they really mean!

People often confuse the model and the questionnaire. The MBTI® is a questionnaire; the model it is based on (Extraversion, Introversion etc) has a number of roots and can be used by anyone.

We will train you to work with the Personality Types model. You are then free to choose whichever instrument you would like to use to assess people.

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Type Pro utilizes industry expert tutors and trainers with deep understanding and experience to provide group and 1:1 coaching, enabling participants to be well prepared to facilitate, train and coach our employees across the globe.
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Valerie Marple, Global Learning & Development
Procter and Gamble
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I feel confident to use Type as part of my techniques to help people understand how to improve performance by adapting their approach to suit individual customers.
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Colin Davies, Founder
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