Type Pro

Brilliant quiz

12 May 2023

A really great quiz, easy and simple with brilliant results. Take it to find out your personality type, and what this means for you in your day to – day life. You receive a really informative and detailed report, helping you to learn more about yourself and others.

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Maya B English

Awesome superpowers course

12 May 2023

A brilliant package of knowledge, – a guide for superheroes, and for you! join us on the journey to fulfill your destiny and unlock the secrets of your personality type. Amazing resources for daily life and becoming your best.

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Maya B English

Deeply insightful / highly recommended

4 May 2023

My coaching sessions with Angelina have offered incredible insight into my type, and how being wired the way I am affects my interactions with the world and those within it. We spoke of strengths, weaknesses, how I can effectively leverage the former and bolster the latter.

The sessions themselves had the wonderful quality of being simultaneously earth-shattering in terms of self-discovery, yet also humorous and a great deal of fun.

I found myself frequently in awe of Angelina’s depth of knowledge, and her ability to effortlessly communicate even the most abstract of topics in a way which ‘lands’. I came away from every session having acquired (personally) profound knowledge, vastly improved understanding of how my personality preferences manifest in the day-to-day, and a genuine appreciation of having so many aspects of myself illuminated – introspection doesn’t always come easy for an ENTJ who is always on the go!

It should be evident at this point in my review, but I highly recommend coaching sessions with Type Pro. It is not hyperbole when I say that my sessions with Angelina have impacted my life in a hugely positive way. Frankly, my only regret is that I didn’t discover this stuff earlier in life!

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A Personalized and Empowering Learning Experience

17 March 2023

TypePro’s Superpowers is an excellent self-discovery resource. It combines insightful theory with immediately relevant practices. I particularly appreciate how it’s balanced, speaking to both our natural strengths and our areas of growth, and how these facets can be interconnected. Each learning module speaks to a different aspect of our psyche, a different part of ourselves that we can realize and utilize.

This course powerfully combines videos, reflection questions, and interactive exercises. Everything is beautifully and professionally presented. The content has been carefully arranged to help the learning process “flow” very naturally. It’s an engaging learning experience from start to finish!

By the end of this program, you’ll walk away with so many nuggets of insight. You’ll also have a customized plan of action on how to move forward with your goals. I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to better understand their superpowers, and how to apply them when helping others, or taking on new challenges!

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Nathan Wong

A Great and Concise Breakdown of the INFJ Superpowers!

13 February 2023

A fantastic learning experience! Angelina and Gareth break down and offer effective steps on how to develop your Superpowers.

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Joyce Meng

This is spot on!! Nothing else on the market as good!

29 January 2023

This is quite incredible, how accurate it is. I have done online training before, nothing as insightful or, to be honest as useful. Gave me a different way of approaching situations that I had never thought of before. Certainly worthwhile.

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Lucy Adams

Type review

17 January 2023

A fun way to get sone really j sight full information on yourself as well as other. Extraordinary accurate and fun to do too .

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Julie Boweh

ENFP Report

15 January 2023

The report is very accurate to my type. I especially like the snapshot summaries of my strengths, watchouts, growth opportunities etc. It brings a holistic view to understanding my type. I also appreciated the disclaimer that everyone is different and may have a few points that are not exact given experience, age, etc. Easy to read, understand, and align with!

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Barbara Miller

Superpowers - Wow

13 January 2023

The superpower eLearning has been super useful (and obvious when it was highlighted) to understand who I am better. I also found the watch outs incredibly helpful and an eye opener about how the superpowers can be manipulated by others. Thanks Type-pro

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Kerry Brazier

Congratulations TypePro!

6 December 2022

I want to congratulate TypePro on creating such a unique, yet essential elearning tool for all to enjoy! Discovering your personality Type can be a wonderful journey, but what do we do after we have gained this knowledge? The superpowers elearning provides an engaging and inspiring platform which teaches individuals on how they can both utilise and develop their personality Type preferences! With this detailed knowledge of where I can thrive and how I can improve, it really does provide me with a competitive advantage in our forever challenging workplace! This course really has given me that all important confidence for me to realise my full potential!

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Hannah Gilchrist