Type Pro Summer 2018 Competition Winner

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Yes indeed, our competition is over; the entries have been counted and the Blue Peter totaliser has been updated. The Type Pro team have now completed our bickering deliberations and we can proudly announce our winner.

So the winner of the Type Pro Summer 2018 competition is Deborah Good from St Mary Redcliffe School.

Winning entry

Deborah was nominated by her friend and colleague Jerry Gilpin. I’ll summarise his very thorough and heart-warming recommendation here: “…The world would be a far better place if she were trained to use type. She is the assistant head responsible for staff development at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School (SMRT) in Bristol… An investment of your generous free place in this way would be a way to produce a very long-lasting set of ripples in a very big pool. The world would be a better place for it.”

Winning words

Here’s what Deborah herself said when we let her know that she was the winner:

“I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen for a place on your training programme.

I am the Assistant Headteacher responsible for staff development here at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School (SMRT) in Bristol. SMRT draws from every postcode in our very diverse city. We work with the full range of student ability across our 1,711 students, 637 of whom are in the sixth form. The school has secured two Outstanding Ofsteds in the past five years. SMRT is also a successful Teaching School and Science Learning Partnership hub, both of which are involved in the training of new teachers as well as supporting initiatives in other schools across the city.

This is an exciting opportunity to reshape staff development at our school over the coming years, and the knowledge and use of Type could become a key part of our strategy.”

Deborah is starting her course in the next week, so we will be checking in with her as she goes.

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