Type Pro Sponsors the BAPT Conference 2019

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Once again, the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT) put on a fantastic conference, featuring presentations from the world’s leading Type experts. We were truly spoilt for choice, and choosing between the concurrent sessions was extremely tough.

Overseas Delegates

It was also amazing to have so many overseas attendees and presenters at the conference. This year there was a good turnout from the Antipodes, with delegates from Australia and New Zealand in attendance.

BAPT’s 30th Anniversary

This year we celebrated BAPT’s 30th Anniversary and were honoured to have some of the original founders, Sally Campbell and Ann O’Sullivan, in attendance. Sally and Ann also delivered another thought-provoking session – a follow-up to their session at Greenwich a few years ago. I was really touched to be included in the celebrations with the existing board and past presidents.

My Ego Development Session

For my session, I presented a new aspect of my Ego Development theory work, in line with the Conference theme ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. 

My session focused on some of the more unusual coaching techniques that I use, such as transpersonal methods, Gestalt techniques, constellations and process work. In my opinion, they are the best ways to work with individuals at later stage personal development. 

I refer to these methods as ‘ego bypass’ techniques. This is because they go past the life story and scripts we keep telling ourselves and can uncover more unconscious aspects of personality. It may seem like witchcraft at times, but these techniques are amazingly effective. I will have more to say about this in the near future, so watch this space.


There were, of course, many highlights during the three days, and it was good to hear from some of the presenters that have not attended BAPT before. I particularly enjoyed the presentation on life transitions by my new Aussie mate, Terri Connellan, and her use of tarot imagery in her work – a kindred spirit and fellow INTJ.

I also found the presentation from Barbara Gunning on the creation of ‘psychologically safe’ environments, and the positive impact this has on performance, fascinating.

One of my other highlights was meeting one of my favourite Type bloggers, Heidi Priebe, who joined us all the way from Canada (https://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/), and hearing her views on how the expression of Type will evolve through the digital age.

After Hours

Every day was topped off by extremely late nights in the bar with great conversations and many laughs. After the conference, a few of the delegates joined me in my home village local pub for dinner and music. Great fun. 

Post-conference Workshop

The grand finale was the post-conference workshop on Saboteurs – our Angels and Demons, facilitated by the amazing Jane Kise.

Type Pro Sponsorship of the BAPT Conference 2019

Type Pro was proud to sponsor the event and we had a good visual presence via the branded notebooks we put into the conference packs. Some Type Pro alumni and trainers were at the conference, and I was so proud to hear them speak so highly of the Type Pro training programme

The Type Pro Ed courses for educators, led by Type and Ed expert Jane Kise, are being really well received. It’s great to hear that Type is being welcomed into the Education sector with great results already.

Angelina meets Type blogger Heidi Priebe

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