Reflections on BAPT Conference 2018 Part 2

In the previous blog I discussed some of what I had learnt at BAPT and some of my opinions of the challenges facing the community. Here I will touch on some of the things that I saw that were particularly encouraging for the world of Type.

Digital Typing

We were, of course, there talking about our work at Type Pro, and our experiences of turning face-to-face training into distance learning. Type in the Digital Age was the title of the conference, so it perhaps wasn’t surprising to see many developments in the digital sphere. Yet I was reassured to see that our small industry is looking to make changes and integrations. This is especially important considering the concerns that I raised in the previous post about getting lost in the past.

I was impressed as always with TypeCoach talking about the implications of the Cambridge Analytica scandal on big data, and exploring in more depth what they were up to with personality. This was coupled by presenting some fascinating information showing what big data can do to help us to understand the health problems that may face different Types of people.


I also saw Thorsten Laursen and Mette Boje (part of an impressive Scandi contingent) presenting some really interesting research looking at Type preferences for e-learning and video conferencing. It was also very interesting to see what Sterling Bates is developing to support people in getting to Best Fit remotely. And, as always, it is exciting to see the work of Dario Nardi in marrying Neuroscience and Type.

One of my greatest takeaways from looking at digital changes to our industry is the reminder that technology should allow us to focus our efforts where they will make the greatest impact. I don’t believe that most people need face-to-face help from a practitioner in choosing their Type (although some definitely do). Instead I believe that expert practitioners add value by supporting people in making changes. Changes to their understanding of themselves, changes to their understanding of others and ultimately changes to their behaviour.

So my final thought is a reminder for myself about changing. What will I have learnt, improved or just understood and accepted by next year?

Personality assessment expert Gareth English
Gareth English

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