Examples of personality tests used on Type Pro personality assessment training

Personality Test Certification

Type Pro’s online Personality Type training qualifies you to use the following personality assessments (described further down): TypeCoach Verifier, Type Dynamics Indicator and Personality Type Profile.

Our training programme is also valuable to practitioners who are already qualified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Golden Personality Profiler ™ or Insights®. This is because we provide deep insight into Jungian Type theory and our training is delivered by Type experts with at least 15 years’ experience of Personality Type.

On our training you will learn about:

  • The Type preferences
  • Whole Type patterns
  • The role of the non-preferred functions
  • Stress reactions
  • How Type develops over time
  • The dynamics between different Types
  • The common misunderstandings of each Type
  • The value that each Type can bring to teams and whole organisations
  • Practical applications for teams and individuals

TypeCoach Verifier

Publisher: TypeCoach (type-coach.com)

Over 130,000 professionals from more than 500 of the world’s leading organisations use the TypeCoach Verifier Plus. Described by the publisher as ‘the next evolution in Personality Type verification’, it takes less than 25 minutes to complete and features engaging video animations to explain the four key aspects of Personality Type. The assessment employs an interactive multi-step process to ensure users have found their true, best-fit Type. On completion they receive an 8-page report.

Type Dynamics Indicator

Publisher: Team Focus (teamfocus.co.uk)

Based on Carl Jung’s model of Psychological Type, the Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) identifies preferences rather than behaviour. The TDI report indicates preferences across a wide range of areas, such as communication, team-working, work styles, leadership, learning, career choice, development needs, problem-solving, dealing with conflict and managing change. The TDI identifies the difference between how we are and how we want to be or think we should be. This can help to put Type into the different contexts of our lives.

Personality Type Profile

Publisher: JCA Global (jcaglobal.com)

The Personality Type Profile (PTP) is a self-assessment questionnaire based upon the Jungian Personality Type model. It provides a framework for understanding individual differences and human interaction. In so doing, it enables users to explore their preferences, motivators and talents. The user’s preferred behavioural style is presented against key areas important in the workplace. This provides insights to enhance self-awareness, the understanding of others and increase personal effectiveness.