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Type Pro Announces New Partnership with P&G

By working together we’re going to be delivering the highest quality of Jungian Type training to Procter & Gamble staff worldwide.

P&G HR capability manager Barb Miller says: “The Type Pro Virtual Certification is a breakthrough in the industry, utilizing a blended learning approach which maximizes learning transfer and global reach. With this approach we are able to increase the capability within our company seamlessly, without travel and schedule restrictions.”

Type Pro Co-Founder Angelina Bennet says: “We’re working with P&G HR and L&D staff worldwide. We’ve been really impressed by the quality of work they’re been achieving on the programme. They are an international company , so they’re used to working remotely and this gives P&G the opportunity to rapidly up-skill large numbers of people without the need for taking the time and budget to fly them around the world.”

P&G’s Global Learning and Development Manager Valerie Marple adds: “Type Pro utilizes industry expert tutors/trainers with deep understanding and experience to provide group and 1:1 coaching, enabling participants to be well prepared to facilitate, train and coach our employees across the globe.”

With our combination of e-learning and tutorials for industry Type experts we’re able to deliver top quality Type training anywhere in the world. We’re also able to focus on just what the students need. We feel that our use of 1:1 tutorials means that students receive the right combination of support and challenge that they require at each stage in their learning journey.

If you would like to discover more about how Type Pro could help your organisation to enhance their Type skills then read more here, or contact us. Or maybe you’d just like to talk about Type. Whichever it is we look forward to chatting with you.

HR Capability Manager Barb Miller
Barb Miller
Personality Type expert Angelina Bennet
Angelina Bennet
HR professional Valerie Marple
Valerie Marple

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