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Brilliant quiz

12 May 2023

A really great quiz, easy and simple with brilliant results. Take it to find out your personality type, and what this means for you in your day to – day life. You receive a really informative and detailed report, helping you to learn more about yourself and others.

Maya B English

Type review

17 January 2023

A fun way to get sone really j sight full information on yourself as well as other. Extraordinary accurate and fun to do too .

Julie Boweh

ENFP Report

15 January 2023

The report is very accurate to my type. I especially like the snapshot summaries of my strengths, watchouts, growth opportunities etc. It brings a holistic view to understanding my type. I also appreciated the disclaimer that everyone is different and may have a few points that are not exact given experience, age, etc. Easy to read, understand, and align with!

Barbara Miller

Fun, interactive and engaging quiz for all to enjoy!

6 December 2022

If you are new to personality Type, or even an old veteran, the TypeMe quiz is a must complete! This fun, engaging and interactive quiz is a great tool to use in trying to assess which Type preferences are most suitable to you! What makes this quiz unique is how quick – yet accurate it is! With this quiz taking less than 5 mins to complete, it really does make it user-friendly for all to enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Have a go and discover your personality Type preferences!

Hannah Gilchrist