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The Power of Personality

The Power of Personality is unique, it highlights in a number of areas of life why understanding personality types can make a difference, in areas like parenting, shopping types, decision making, managing stress and coaching. A must read for anyone interested in understanding different personality types and their impact in life. –Prof. Sir Cary L. Cooper

In putting together The Power of Personality, Gareth English has brought together many of my favourite Type experts, several of whom have helped me along my own personal development journey over the years. Combining a depth of thought with practical tips and a dose of good humour, The Power of Personality is a brilliant resource both for individuals wanting to learn more about themselves, and for the professional Type practitioner. I recommend it to anyone who seeks the lasting insights that Type can provide to help face life s challenges. –Penny Moyle, CEO, OPP Ltd.

The idea of Personality Type has made a huge difference to my life and how I lead in Virgin Care. I recommend The Power of Personality to anyone who is looking to get more from Type in their organisation. –Stephen Robson, Director of People, Virgin Care.